Myanmar (formerly known as Burma)

Myanmar Gambling License & Online Casinos

Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, is a country located in Southeast Asia with a population of over 54 million people. Despite being a relatively small market, online gambling and casinos have gained popularity among the people in Myanmar, especially among the youth. In this article, we will discuss the various aspects of online gambling and casino licenses in Myanmar.

Myanmar Gambling License

Types of gambling allowed in Myanmar 

Gambling is illegal in Myanmar under the country’s Gambling Law of 1986. However, there are some exceptions to this law. One of the exceptions is the state-run lottery, which is legal and operated by the government. Another exception is horse racing, which is also legal and regulated by the Myanmar Equestrian Federation.

Despite the strict gambling laws, there are some illegal gambling activities that take place in the country. These include illegal casinos, online gambling, and sports betting.

Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) information about gambling regulations

Application process in Myanmar 

Due to the illegal status of gambling in Myanmar, there is no formal application process for obtaining a casino license. Any form of gambling outside of the two exceptions mentioned earlier is strictly prohibited.

Cost of the license in Myanmar 

As there is no formal application process for obtaining a casino license in Myanmar, there is no cost associated with it.

Taxation in Myanmar 

As gambling is illegal in Myanmar, there is no taxation on gambling-related activities.

Compliance requirements in Myanmar 

As there is no legal framework for gambling in Myanmar, there are no compliance requirements for operators.

Market size and growth potential in Myanmar 

The market size for online gambling and casinos in Myanmar is relatively small due to the illegal status of gambling in the country. However, with the increasing popularity of online gambling and the growth of the internet and mobile technology in the country, there is potential for growth in the market.

Myanmar online casino

Challenges and opportunities in Myanmar 

One of the main challenges for the online gambling and casino industry in Myanmar is the strict gambling laws in the country. Illegal gambling activities are widespread, and there is little to no regulation or protection for consumers. This can lead to fraudulent activities and an increased risk of gambling addiction among vulnerable populations.

However, the growth of mobile technology and the internet in Myanmar presents opportunities for online gambling and casino operators to tap into an emerging market. With the right regulations and protections in place, there is potential for a legal and regulated gambling industry to emerge in Myanmar.

Local laws and regulations in Myanmar 

As mentioned earlier, the main law governing gambling in Myanmar is the Gambling Law of 1986, which prohibits all forms of gambling except for the state-run lottery and horse racing. The law also imposes penalties for those caught participating in illegal gambling activities.

Payment processing in Myanmar 

As gambling is illegal in Myanmar, there are no legal payment processing options available for online gambling and casinos.

Gambling addiction resources in Myanmar 

As gambling is illegal in Myanmar, there are no formal gambling addiction resources available in the country. However, there are some non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that provide support for individuals struggling with gambling addiction. These organizations often focus on other forms of addiction, such as drug and alcohol addiction.